To Reach this Body


Clouds coming and going , wind blowing, Earth is  turning,,,night comes and day rises..
We are here in this moment and this moment is eternal in all levels of space…
At the same moment Earth is  turning together with all human beings, with all beings living heregalaxy

At the same moment all planets in cosmos are turning together with Earth ….moving around stars
We are meeting many people in life that are longing for eternal Love
and we ourselves are looking  for that unconditional eternal Love
Lets create loving space loving environment on Earth- our spaceship ” 

young_galaxy_accreting_material„Another day you are here since you are born..everyday new beginning ..

How many sunrises and sunsets was there?

How many hours and how many minutes you lived?

And here it is another day simple day…and also magical.  With all big human family turning in a same boat- Earth…”

I turned into floating river . „I”- no more body-river of energy…
Praying for supreme consciousness to give us this endless flow
to reach unknown stars that we even cannot imagine…
To reach this body to be as a tool…tool for cosmic rivers to flow,
To give Love for all beings by presence of God…
no Ego exists, no pain is there when we are endless,
endless oceans and shining stars in the same sky – the same to all of us.
Then there is nothing to catch, nothing to grasp for only enjoy life and be like river flows…
then there is only one wish – to spread Love ..compassion…
to all of us here in this moment being..ignorant ..despair..and at the same moment Divine.
Aiste Ma 2015


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